Grocery Case Study of Williamson County, TN

After writing about the importance of groceries, I figure it makes sense to call out some of the groceries closest to me. In no particular order are those in the county that I live.

The Davis General - Boston, TN

This 92-year old country store serves the Boston and Leipers Fork area. While their grocery options and single gas pump may be modest, the star of the show is the amazing upscale deli sandwiches which rival any sandwich you can find in middle Tennessee. They aren't cheap, but a fresh sliced roast beef on pumpernickel with local cheddar cheese and aioli is worth every penny. They also have great branding and sell Davis General merch (t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs) to remember them by.

Huff's Grocery - Burwood, TN

Classic country store, built in 1911 and originally purchased by R. G. Huff in 1937, this grocery claims they "may be the most famous country store in middle Tennessee". Whether you're getting some fresh-cut cheese for the fridge or grabbing an order of fried pickles and a sandwich, Huff's has the quintessential country store charm you'd come to expect. Its proximity to an interstate exit has given it new life as a place for folks to grab lunch during their workday.

Glenn's Grocery - Peytonsville, TN

In 1901, Mathis Brothers built the Peytonsville Store, which was sold in 1925 to Marshall Warren. In 1937, R. R. Glenn bought the store, which passed to Tommy & Mae Ellen Glenn. The original store was torn down in 1987 and rebuilt. This 4-pump market has all the basics and offers a small selection of hot food (pizza, chicken, fries) during the day.

Being located at a crossroads and having the best prices on fuel in the area, I've never seen this market without a customer present.

Triune Market - Triune, TN

SuperClean Country Market & Deli - College Grove/Eagleville, TN